Акции и скидки

Монтаж отопления для частного дома, установка с запуск котельных.

Акции и скидки предоставляются постоянным клиентам, а также посезонно.

Монтаж отопления водоснабжения, акция, установка котельного оборудования. Компания ООО ДИЗАЙН ПРЕСТИЖ ПРОВОДИТ РАБОТЫ ПО УСТРОЙСТВУ автономного отопления и водоснабжения, монтаж котельной

One-pipe circuit heating

  • In such systems, there is only one pipeline. It connects the boilers for heating and radiators in rooms that are consistently concerning it. At the same time such a pipeline is the supply and return. The coolant passing through each radiator in series, a portion of the heat, while the temperature at the last device will be much lower than the original. To reduce this feature, the systems used a bypass pipe (bypass). It allows part of the coolant to enter the radiator. If the building was designed by the illiterate specialists, the residents on the first floor lack of heat. At the same time, people in the upper levels of the house are exposed to elevated temperatures. When the device of the single-tube system significantly saves material. This is the main advantage of them.